Many people want to know about how to shape your butt. Let’s face it, the shape of a butt is one of the nicest things about it!

We’re all used to people talking about body types (yawn, we all have beautiful, unique shapes, or they don’t have to coincide with a fruit), but there is something to be said about personalizing your workout based on our butt type. Come again? Okay, here us out. Maybe you haven’t thought about it at all, but you’ve certainly noticed every person has a different butt—whether it be the shape, size, or what have you. So why should our workout be one-size-fits-all? You’re certainly not.

That being said, any trainer will tell you that you can absolutely customize your workout to your specific body, even the shape of your butt. Which is why we called up a few of our favorite professional trainers to help devise a plan on how to get a bigger butt (sculpt, tone, or whatever else you feel like doing) for your unique butt shape. Scroll through to determine our butt type or find the workout plan that’s right for you.

You may already know your butt type, but if not, we suggest recruiting a friend (a good friend) to snap a photo of our lower half in leggings. Don’t be afraid to get the straight-on shot, the side view, and even a 45-degree view. These photos will come in handy not only for determining our shape but also to monitor the changes as you progress with our bum-sculpting plan


As in the image, put one leg back and shift slightly to the side of the supporting leg. Now perform a semi-squat or bend the knee of the supporting leg just like a curtsy. The knee should not go past the toes. Now stand erect and repeat with the other leg. Do this for 3 sets of ten times on each leg.


Back Kick Combo



Start on floor on forearms and knees. Keeping hips square throughout, lift bent left leg, driving flexed foot toward ceiling. Return to start..

Next, lift bent left leg out to left side in line with hips. Squeeze your glutes twice. Extend left leg straight back, touching toes to floor with foot flexed.C.

Lastly, lift left leg as high as you can, then pause and pulse leg up and down 3 times. Return to start. That’s 1 rep. Repeat for 45 seconds. Switch sides; repeat.Sets:


45 second  per side


You can use a heavy water bottle instead of a barbell.

  1. Bend the knees a little bit.
  2. Keep your back straight and lean forward as shown in the picture. Feel the tension in our buttocks.
  3. Stand up.
  4. Repeat 20 times and do 3 sets.


Side-leg lifts: Lie on your side with our bottom leg bent or our head resting on our ear. As you lift and lower our leg with control, keep our top leg extended and facing forward (as opposed to turning out the leg). Don’t let it come down completely or rest on our lower leg at the bottom of the movement. Do 20 reps, and then pulse it a few inches off the ground for another 20 reps. Then, Mallett says, you can move on to the next exercise, keeping your working leg the same.

Squat with lateral raise: Stand tall with feet resting parallel or hip-width apart, or then lower into a deep squat, sending our hips back toward the ground behind you. As you return to the top, lift your leg out to the side with a flexed foot. Repeat 20 times on one leg, and then switch to complete both side-leg exercises on the other leg.

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