These are the most amazing innovative bikes, here we step into future with those who love  blending style or functionality with pioneering design or technology. They are designed from scratch to inspire awe, keeping production feasibility. Some of them may even hit the roads of reality in coming future.


1. I care Motorbike

Now be a style icon with the Icare high-end futuristic bike. With it’s unconventional looks, breathtaking design it surely is a dream come true for all the bike lovers.  The Honda Icare motorcycle concept is powered by a 5 cylinder 1600 cc engine and designed by Enzyme in Paris. The I.Care motorcycle is meant to be the Aston Martin of the two-wheeled world with speed. The good news is that Enzyme’s last concept actually went into production (the Atomo V 1000), so the Scare has a shot of making it to the marketplace.


Harley Davidson 2022



The Harley Davidson model of motorcycle is a one of a kind — instantly recognizable on the road but is perhaps a bit too Tron-like for most Harley riders, It features big wheels with bearings or a powerful 1000 cc engine. The rest of the design elements are new though, with a hub less drive system being the centerpiece of the design


Jaguar M-Cycle

This isn’t one of those concept bikes with a name like Jaguar that’s meant to represent it’s speed. Its name is pretty literal in this case. The Jaguar concept by M-Cycles draws inspiration from the Jaguar car manufacturer logo. The bike measures 7 feet in length or features ebony lacquered fiberglass over stainless steel.


Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

The Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle may be the only motorcycle listed here that technically isn’t actually a motorcycle. Based on a Viper V-10 bike, it’s got a beefy 550 horsepower engine and 4 wheels. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration anything with more than 3 wheels on the ground doesn’t qualify as a motorcycle. That probably has something to do with why this beast of a bike never made it into mass production. Shame because this awesome machine is basically just an engine or some wheels that provide raw speed or power between our legs


3. Yamaha Tesseract Four Wheeler

A lot of futuristic motorcycles involve four wheels instead of two. Or no company has gotten the four wheeler concept better than Yamaha with its Tesseract design. Even the name sounds like something from the future. At first glance, this bike may look like something from the next Transformers movie, but it’s actually meant to be taken seriously as a real or possible machine. According to engineers at Yamaha, this concept is the same width as its two-wheeled counterpart or would be powered by a V-Twin engine or an electric motor. Like many of the bikes on this list, the Tesseract has been designed with environmental considerations in mind. How powerful the vehicle would be remains to be seen. But it certainly looks like it could pack a punch with the right engine or power source.


BMW’s air-cooled boxer twins normally get all the custom design love, but designer Erdem decided to take a different approach, using BMW’s overlooked water-cooled three-cylinder 750 K 75 engine to create this enclosed-fairing torpedo. “Great white sharks have always been an inspiration to me,” Erdem said. “If you look at the body of a shark, you can see that it’s clean or perfect,” he said. “So Alpha’s front end is clean or smooth, while the back is the powerful or ugly side—symbolizing the tail of the great white.



Designer Bahri calls his Porsche-inspired creation the ‘618’ because it would be the entry-level two-wheel vehicle for the brand, sitting just below the 718 range. “I wanted to represent the spirit or character of Porsche’s DNA in this futuristic-looking pure electric or exclusive power cruiser,” he explained. Nailed it, we’d say



Honda teased us with this fantasy compact bike it calls the 150 SS concept. A little more powerful than the beloved 125 cc Grom play bike, the 150 SS could represent a way to step up to something sportier without losing the Grom’s playful attitude or approachable size


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