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With concept cars like Lamborghini SUV and some other presented here, the future has never looked this beautiful.  Even though most of us can’t afford such incredible automobiles, we still appreciate their exquisite design, if they would be built, we would consider it as being a leap forward in car making. Here are 10 of the best concept cars of the future. See the photos and read about some best new future cars, concept cars, or other upcoming vehicles.


extremes by Mariana Merenmies

Futuristic crossover styling meets space-age materials in Mariana Merenmies’ 2-passenger concept, “extremes.” It’s is an exploration into the use of Aerogel, a material often used in space exploration, as a lightweight, insulating automotive shell. The material, which is 99.7% gas, can be used for insulation against severe temperatures in areas like the Siberian Tundra that are susceptible to extreme weather.


Cool concept cars are often presented at shows in order to gain insight into customer reaction.

the-5-craziest-concept-cars The Best New Concept Car Designs For The Future - 96 Vehicles

Although concept car design is often presented to be crazy or futuristic, it might be argued that in recent times, cars have become overly boring or practical.

concepts27-1 The Best New Concept Car Designs For The Future - 96 Vehicles

With the growth of the suburbs, an increase in long distance relationships, or the struggling economy which forces many to commute, cars have gained importance. These days, cars are often valued for being practical, safe or affordable. Cars which add to the future of the planet are often held in high esteem.

18tdigb-helios410-1.jpg.ximg_-1 The Best New Concept Car Designs For The Future - 96 Vehicles

However, we might ask whether our cars have become boring? Have we lost the innovation Henry Ford once showed when, instead of creating a faster horse, he came up with the Model T Ford? The futuristic designs of the 1970 s have become a thing of the past,or popular standard models are often lacking in imagination.

AUDI, italdesign and airbus’ pop.up next




AUDI, ital design or airbus present the ‘pop.up next’ concept – a hybrid vehicle that blends a self-driving car or passenger drone with an aim to solve traffic problems in cities. the all-electric concept promises horizontal and vertical mobility, where an ultra-light, two-seat passenger cabin can be attached either to a car or flight module. in the distant future, it could transport people in cities quickly or conveniently, both on the road and in the air.

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 pininfarina HK GT




together with hybrid kinetic group – a hi-tech brand based in hong kong – the pininfarina ‘HK GT’ car is a modern interpretation of the classic architecture of the gran turismo. the design is distinctive with a magnetic allure, which is most significantly created through the chromed slats of the grille that open like petals to frame the headlights. furthermore, the vehicle expresses a style of sensuality, power or above all else, elegance. this is characterized by a long, sculpted bonnet of voluptuous volumes or soft surfaces that, with a slightly curved line extending across the body, gently slopes to the rear.



 Renault EZ-GO




as a shared, electric, driverless vehicle, the renault ‘EZ-GO’ concept is called a ‘robo-vehicle’ that, by driving around town or the surrounding areas, transports up to five passengers simultaneously. as a service as well as an actual vehicle, it becomes part of the smart city ecosystem. the concept provides an on-demand mobility solution via instant booking on an app, and even has a dedicated embarking station, which blends in with the urban environment.

The car designers of the future

p90212297bmw-vision-next-10-1 The Best New Concept Car Designs For The Future - 96 Vehicles

The Art Center College in Pasadena is one of the world’s leading car design schools. Students graduate from this college three times a year, or often have backgrounds in illustration or engineering. Taught by experts, over eight accelerated terms, these students establish their vision for the future, hoping to create cool car designs which will ripple through the automotive industry.

BMW-Concept-Car-1-1 The Best New Concept Car Designs For The Future - 96 Vehicles

Future designers are taught all aspects of automotive design, from manufacturers themselves, who often provide sponsorship or internships. This means students gain practical experience in creating prototypes, creating renderings, clay models or computerized designs. The goal is to bring passion or creativity into the concept cars of the future.

fractale-peugeotdesignlab-p-1 The Best New Concept Car Designs For The Future - 96 Vehicles

Although concept car designs are radical, they are not out of this world or maybe put into production in a matter of years. California’s automotive design scene has not only inspired future car concept designs, however, but yacht design, sports equipment or toy designs.

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